Amazing! Twin brothers become fathers to two baby boys on the same day, at the same hospital

Jarrell Spence (left) with Cassen and his brother Jeromme with baby Cameron. Photo: Wolverhampton NHS

They beat odds of 150, 000 to 1 to have their babies only hours apart


Twin brothers Jarell and Jerome Spence welcomed their newborns only 2 hours apart after their partners went into labour on the same day.

The Wolverhampton duo both knew their partners were having boys, but had no clue that both women would eventually go to labour on the same day and in the same hospital and then….in the same birthing pool!

The first couple to become parents were Jeromme and partner Tegan Compton who welcomed their son Cameron into the world at about 2.04 Monday morning, while Jarell and his partner Franscesca Ashe welcomed their bundle of joy at 4.34am, same morning.

Jeromme, who works in a sports shop, said: “Tegan and me came in first and little Cameron was born just a few hours later. Then the pool was washed and cleaned, and we handed over to Jarrell and Francesca!”

Midwife Barbara Kapoor said: “I have never ever heard of this happening before. It is amazing!”

Both women had been given a due date of November 26, but babies obviously decided to drop in early. Congrats to the new parents.


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