Along Came A Spider…Family abandons home due to Spider infestation


A family in London got more than they bargained for when a batch of deadly South American Spiders hatched out of a bunch of bananas bought from Sainsbury’s.

According to the Sun, “Terrified Consi Taylor, 29, said she saw something that looked like mould on a Colombian Fairtrade banana she was eating.

However, on closer inspection she said she saw some ‘funny looking spots’ and realised something was wrong.

‘I had a closer look and was horrified to see they were spiders. They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet. I was so scared I started crying”.

The family had to move out of their home for three days to allow professional pest control services to fumigate the house in a bid to prevent an infestation by the spiders which are said to be very toxic and can cause convulsions when they bite!

Supermarket Chain, Sainsbury’s covered the fumigation costs as well as other expenses incurred by the family during the ordeal. Poor family, let’s hope they managed to get them all.

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