Alexander Wang for H&M Debuts in New York with a bang

Perfect excuse to go to the Gym


Even if you’re not a sporty person and even if you never ever  spend one hour of your life in the gym or exercising, you’re going to want to do so when you see the Alexander Wang for H&M collection…just because.

The global launch (which was heavily promoted online and across the planet) at the Armory in New York on Thursday night finally gave the opportunity for the whole world to preview the entire collection and from we’ve seen, fashionistas can’t wait to get their hands on the stylish futuristic sportswear.

The hype wasn’t for nothing as those fortunate enough to get invites to the launch of the performance inspired collection were treated to a CIA/Lara Croft/Cyborg like show as models including Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss strutted their stuff down the runway while male models performed some well choreographed acrobatics on the staged runway.

Celebrities including Jessica Chastain, Solange Knowles, Mary J. Blige and Dakota Fanning enjoyed a rousing performance by Missy Elliot (where has she been?), Diplo and Jason Marco. New York will be buzzing about this for quite some time we think.

The collection will be available to buy from November 6.

Photo: Twitter

Designer Alexander Wang (middle) with some of his models. Photo: Twitter


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