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susan-boyle-filmWatching a documentary on Susan Boyle this week, it was heartwarming to see a woman in her 50’s enjoying fame and success coming at a later part in her life. When Susan Boyle stepped on that stage on Britain’s Got Talent 4 years ago, everyone thought she would be rubbish, just because she didn’t fit into the general unspoken guidelines of a potential artist. She wasn’t young, skinny or blonde. She didn’t have great curves and was all covered up. Surely, no one would be interested in THAT?

How wrong were we all? I’ve watched the clip of her audition time and time again and I just relish the stunned looks on the faces of the judges and the audience. We’ve seen music hopefuls over 25 come and go on reality TV, which is why it’s ironic that the same thing that gets in the way of a lot of other aspiring musicians Susan’s age is the very thing that has turned her into a global phenomenon.

Tonight, Sam Bailey, a 36-year-old mother of two who up until 4 months ago, was just your typical working mum trying to make ends meet, made it to the final of the X Factor.sam

Even though The X Factor is a singing contest, Sam Bailey, with her amazing voice, isn’t exactly the sort of act you’d expect in the final. In Louise Walsh’s own words: She didn’t “look like a Diva” initially at the start of the programme, although she can sing the roof off of any building. Once upon a time, that wouldn’t have mattered because she wasn’t ‘Young’.

She’s married with kids and is not super skinny, oh dear, whatever will the record company do with her?

I think we give record label bosses too much credit when they don’t deserve it. I think events like these clearly show that people (The consumers) don’t actually care what age an artist is or how hot or sexy they look as long as they’ve got amazing talent and look decent.

These two women are loved by the public and it’s got absolutely nothing with how they look or how much skin they’ve shown or how raunchy their videos or performances are so why do producers keep foisting such rubbish on us?

I’m really inspired by how much these women have achieved and I hope they inspire other people out there never to give up on their dreams, even when they’re in their thirties, forties or fifties, when it seems no one will never give them a chance. It’s not over till it’s over.

If there’s any justice, Sam Bailey will win tomorrow’s X Factor final. Nicholas is a great act with an amazing voice but Sam…..Sam is in a different league and she deserves to win.

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