70% Of Scottish Voters Don’t Trust Either ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ Campaign Over Independence

by Dayo Laniyan


According to a report by the ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change, the majority of Scottish voters don’t believe that either the Yes or No campaigns can accurately predict the consequences of independence

In the report entitled “Risk and Attitudes to Constitutional Change”, 70% of Scottish voters were not convinced that both campaigns were entirely honest about just how independence would affect the country. Instead of looking to the campaigns and governments, one third of respondents instead turn to newspapers and television for information.

This research method has turned out to be less fruitful, as the report stated that “Levels of Knowledge about the Yes side’s vision of independence are low. Of our ten true/false statements about Yes proposals none was answered correctly by a majority.” Also, 70% do not know if the Yes campaigns propose to send MPs from an independent Scotland to sit in Westminster.

Among young people, there was the least chance of them answering the knowledge questions correctly. However, despite the “interesting variations by vote intention, gender and age for the source of referendum information”, knowledge among the public is highest about currency and the Head of State.

Currently, 51% of voters have said that they will vote No, 38% say that they will vote Yes, with 12% currently undecided on the matter.

You can read the full report here

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