70 Brand New Private Jets To Be Delivered To Nigeria’s Wealthy In The Next Five Years- Bombadier

Leading aircraft manufacturer Bombadier, has revealed that the company will be looking to deliver 70 brand new aircrafts to Nigeria in the next five years, thanks to an increase in demand.

Speaking in an interview with Nigerian eye, the Regional Vice-President, Sales, Middle East, Africa and Turkey Mr. Khadar Mattar, described the aviation market in Nigeria as ‘booming’.

With a confirmed order of 12 aircrafts to be delivered to wealthy individuals and organisations in the country this year alone, Mattar revealed that Nigeria was leading the way in the African aviation market.

The demand for small and medium sized aircraft is believed to be as a result of the growth of Nigerian businesses who have expanded into global markets, making constant travel a must.

With multiple connections when flying commercial airlines, Nigeria’s high and mighty are looking to cut out bureaucracy by flying their own aircraft and reducing the time taken to arrive at their destination, not to mention the comfort and luxury of travelling in your own aircraft.

On the rapid growth of the market, Mattar said, “The business aviation market in Nigeria is booming. It is actually its time. I will expect that it will double in size in the next 10 years. People are flying outside Nigeria now; people are flying within Africa because of their business expansion; people are flying to Europe because of their business expansion and the financials that they require.

“Nigeria as a country has actually changed; we have more laws and regulations. Infrastructure is changing, which is adapting to the new expansion. Because of this, you will see more private jets actually flying in Nigeria.”

Experts cite the recent economic down turn which mainly affected economies in the west for the current focus on African and middle Eastern economies as they suffered relatively less during the recession.

Aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier have held several exhibitions in Nigeria and Africa over the past couple of years in a bid to penetrate the market.

There are currently 138 Jets in Nigeria, 88 out of which were supplied by Bombadier.

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