6 Family friendly activities your kids will love

With great weather comes the prospect of finding fun activities to keep your little ones occupied. To set us on the right track, we asked the only people who would know what fun activities kids love to do…kids. This post was kind of written by my 7-year-old daughter. I asked her what things she would like to do during the summer holidays, so without further ado, these were her recommendations.

Go swimming

But before that you need to find a family friendly leisure centre that have lots of swimming times and also teaches swimming lessons. Each city has several leisure centres so this should not really be an issue.  You may however have to book in advance or go at non peak times so you can have a good time.


A Mini Staycation

There are mini holiday parks right here in the UK such as Butlins. They have many locations and their prices are pretty affordable for small families. The great thing about these parks is they have lots of activities in a safe and enclosed area so parents can go off and do their own thing. Perfect!


Tip: Remember to pack sunscreen even in the UK because all children regardless of their ethnicity have very sensitive and delicate skin.

Beach babies

Kids love the seaside so why not visit great seaside cities like Southampton or Brighton? Both cities are no more than a 3 hours drive depending on where you live. You can book a hotel for the weekend or just for the night and the kids will love it. They can build sand castles; bury you under the sand and make you into a mermaid or a seal. It’s pretty fun!


Tip: Don’t forget ice creams. It’s a summer staple and keeps the little ones cool and happy.

A Natural Adventure

Take them to the nature parks where they can see different animals from Orangutans to butterflies. They can learn about all the different animals in their habitat and how they interact with others.




Picnic anyone? Local parks are such great fun. Kids don’t need much, just need lots of food, drink and plenty of space to run around, so save your money and go to different park in your local area if you’re after something different.


If you have a private safe garden, why not go camping in your own backyard. Its fun for the whole family and if push comes to shove you can always nip back inside for anything you forgot to pack.

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