5 easy tips to help you detox and live a healthier lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle tips from our beauty expert and Naija Living beauty Editor Tope Beesley


So you’ve been a little naughty these past few months. You’ve probably missed one too many gym sessions, ate too many Profiteroles and you realised last week you need to go down a dress size. Well, you’re not alone. Millions of women are feeling just as disheartened as you a.

With just about 8 weeks to the middle of summer,  you can still salvage some of that sexiness .

– First thing is to ditch or dramatically reduce your dairy intake: Some women are allergic to them, they make us really bloated, gassy and pile on the pounds. Try substituting your regular milk with almond milk. It tastes good and is very low in calories.

almond milk


– Invest in a NutriBullet: You can put in your favourite fruits and vegetables and blitz away. I drink about 2 pints of NutriBullet in the morning. With the NutriBullet, everything is broken down, so your body gets to work immediately using all the nutrients and vitamins to start healing, nourishing and getting rid of the faecal matter that has been sitting in your system for week’s or even months. Did you know that the average woman has about 15lbs of crap just sitting there at any given time? (ewwww).


– Join your local gym and enrol in the body bump class: It’s great for those that want to burn calories and define their bodies. You burn an average of 650 calories in a 1 hour body pump class, plus within a few weeks of doing it 3 times a week, you really start to have a nice bum and legs.

– Go for a walk: I’d recommend a 45 minute walk daily. It burns about 300 calories; it’s not a lot, but every little helps.

– Drink half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water every morning. It cleanses your system and may help you loose some weight.

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