480 Nigerian soldiers flee from Boko Haram to Cameroon

Approximately 480 Nigerian soldiers have crossed over the border into Cameroon after a fierce battle against Boko Haram militants. Although higher-ups in Nigeria have claimed that they were conducting a “tactical manoeuvre”, overwhelming reports have claimed that the troops had joined thousands of citizens in fleeing the battle.

Despite the thousands of extra troops deployed in the worst affected areas in the northeast, the five year Boko Haram insurgency has escalated, with Nigerian forces being hard pressed to fight back.

Last week, a group of Nigerian soldiers had refused to fight Boko Haram despite being ordered to, saying that the militants were better equipped, and one of the two main police training academies, Liman Kara Police College was seized by insurgents.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described this as an unprecedented national embarrassment, on top of Boko Haram announcing that they had established an Islamic State in occupied towns and villages in the northeast of Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by the APC’s National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the Party called on President Goodluck Jonathan to inform Nigerians of the worsening situation in the northern part of the country which is allowing Boko Haram to proclaim its rule over part of the nation.

It said that in the face of the biggest threat to Nigeria’s unity and territorial integrity since the country’s civil war, President Jonathan must also put partisanship aside and rally the nation against Boko Haram, which by all indications seems to be getting bolder and stronger, to such an extent that the group is now hoisting its flag.

As an immediate first step, the party called on President Jonathan to immediately halt the illegal electioneering campaign by his ministers, other appointees and supporters, saying Nigeria must survive as a nation before any party of individual can rule over it.

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