How 21 Year Old Murdered His Own Mother- Blames Religion

Emmanuel Kalejaiye  a young man of 21 brutally murdered his mum in a frenzied attack in the family’s kitchen at their home in Wickford, Essex.

His mother Tolu Kalejaiye, who was an accountant with Camden Council,  suffered over 40 stab wounds to her head, face, neck and upper limbs during the attack that took place on the 26th of September last year.


Emmanuel Kalejaiye Photo:

Born in Nigeria, the young Emmanuel came to the UK at a very young age and was studying Biochemistry at the University of Essex.

He claims he carried out the gruesome deed because he was depressed as a result of the shabby treatment he received from his mother, adding that she often used religion as an accuse for the bad treatment he received.

According to the Daily Mail, during police interview, he signed a confession stating: ‘I admit killing my mother this morning by stabbing her.’

‘I did this because she subjected me to a lifetime of physical and mental abuse.

‘She used the Bible to rationalise what she did to me. I believe she manipulated and brainwashed me.

‘I have been very depressed for a long time. I have tried to overcome it but I couldn’t take it anymore.’

During the trial, The court heard from an expert psychiatrist that Emmanuel (Dotun) was suffering from  severe depression and paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the attack.

Dotun is believed to be a cross dresser who had bought bright coloured female clothing that he had planned to wear after the attack.

The prosecution claim that he did this is an effort to fool neighbours into thinking his mother was still alive while he used the ruse to load her body into her car to dispose of it.

The court also heard a chilling three minute clip of a voicemail left by the victim on her boyfriend, Leo Shogunle’s phone at around 7.30am on the morning of the attack, where she could be heard pleading with her attacker not to stab her, reports the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, Mr Shogunle only heard the message later after which he raced to the scene, letting himself in with a spare key where he discovered the bloodied body of his partner lying on the kitchen floor with her son standing over the lifeless body.

On confronting him, Kalejaiye fled the scene, only to be caught on CCTV cameras as he calmly bought snacks at a nearby shop before turning himself in to Police.

It is not clear what the relationship between mother and son was prior to this regrettable incidence and questions will be asked about what could drive a young mentally challenged man to kill his own mother in such a gruesome way.

If you have any information about the family, please get in touch with us using the form below.

Kalejaiye was found not guilty of murder by a jury of 12 people at Chelmsford Crown Court. However, he was found guilty of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility , due to mental health issues.

He will be sentenced in June.


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