16 Year Old is Highest Achieving English Sports Woman In 84 Years After Winning 4 Gold Medals

16-year-old Claudia Fragapane became the highest achieving sportswoman in 84 years after winning 4 gold medals in one tournament. The former record was held by Joyce cooper who won 4 golds during the 1930 games.

Fragapane had previously won 3 gold medals in Gymnastics in the team, vault and all around competitions before capping it off with another rousing performance on Friday night.

Her mum who was seen in the audience during the games could not watch as the teenager began her routine but both parents were ecstatic at their daughter’s achievements.

Her father said he had been thrilled for her when she won 2 or three gold medals but admitted that it hadn’t sunk in yet the level of achievement that his daughter had achieved.

Speaking to the press after the competitions, The bristol born teenager said it felt great to have been able to win all four gold medals in one tournament especially as she was only 16.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian team also had a great night as they won the women’s 400 metre final. The men weren’t left behind either as Mark Jelks led the Nigerian men’s relay team to win a silver after giving sporting royalty Usain Bolt a good run for his money during the race.

Bolt addressed the issue of his controversial conversation with a Times News reporter who claimed that the athlete had said the games were sh**t- a claim he has strenuously denied.

The athlete said the games were wonderful and that he didn’t know why the reporter was making the claims, adding that he would never have said such a thing.

16 year old Chika Amalaha who won the gold medal in the women’s weightflifting category last week has now been stripped of her medal after she failed the second drug test on Friday.

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