Rare and most desired: Geisha coffee by Sea Island Coffee

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

– Turkish Proverb

Originally discovered in the Kaffe province in Ethiopia, Geisha coffee rose to fame after cultivation on the other end of the world in Central America. Geisha coffee, from Costa Rica, is one of the most rare and desired of coffees in the world right now. Even though, coffee is no new phenomenon, new coffee varieties are being discovered today. Grown on the Diversa plantation in Costa Rica, the Geisha coffee is a full-bodied, fruity blend of coffee

The sample reviewed was by Sea Island Coffee, a London-based company, which excels in a wide variety of coffees, supporting many rare origins of coffee. The Geisha sample was awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2011. A traditional stovetop coffee maker was used to brew this sample.

The medium roasted coffee, hits the nose with a light, fresh earthy and floral aroma as a balanced acidity hits the taste buds; the coffee variety is vibrant and bright.

With a delicate profile, yet surprisingly full-bodied simultaneously, the fruity Geisha brew has hints of lavender and cocoa. After brewing, the citrus flavor is more pronounced, leaning towards lemons.

Leaving an aftertaste that lingers, this coffee can be enjoyed for hours after it’s gone. Whilst, full-bodied, this is a mild coffee, by no means wish-washy, it promises to lighten a Monday morning.

The Costa Rican Geisha blend is available at Sea Island Coffee


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