10 Life Hacks for Surviving the Heat in Summer

So most of us British Nigerians are immigrants and you would think life in the Nigerian sun would make it easier to thrive in the British Summer. Wrong! For some reason, our tropical bodies no longer seem able to cope with less than 30c heat- how times have changed.

With the mercury set to rise above the usual average in this parts of the world, here are 10 tips to help you stay cool from celebrity nutritionist, raw chef and holistic health expert Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and Founder of Nosh Detox.

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1)    Freeze your favourite fruits

As well as being a good source of healthy nutrients, fruit is one of the most refreshing foods out there, perfect for cooling the system. So what’s even better is freezing grapes and other fruits and either eat them straight from the freezer, or using them as ice cubes in a refreshing drink. Red, purple and black grapes are the best to use as green grapes can sometimes have a heating effect on the body.

2)    Keep hydrated with Iced Tea

Swap your daily coffees for iced teas. Tea has more nutritional value than coffee, and also contains caffeine to keep you going – the heat can leave us feeling very lethargic. Iced tea is both tasty and cool, meaning it doubles up as the perfect remedy.

3)      Make a cooling face mask

Yoghurt is one of the best foods to help keep you cool, and is also great for your skin. Find a yoghurt based face mask recipe, leave it in the fridge and put it on before going to bed. Another top tip is to cut up some cucumber and place over your eyes. This will have the added benefit of helping with the bags which form under your eyes.

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4)      Watermelon is your best friend

When it’s hot, we can sweat a lot and lose a lot of our body’s water content. Watermelons contain a high water content and taste great so is a great way to keep cool and hydrated. Keep a slice of watermelon in the fridge or freezer and turn it into a smoothie or eat it as it is.

5)      Avoid Salty Foods

Not only is salt damaging to your kidney’s but it is also very de-hydrating.  Eating too much salt should be avoided all year round if possible, but during the hot weather it can lead to possible heat stroke and will leave you with a constant thirst. If you’re looking for an alternative seasoning to salt, which can become addictive meaning our food tastes bland without, try ingredients such as chives, basil and mint.

6)      Wet Blankets

Wet blankets are great for placing behind your head or covering your pillow. It’s important not to sleep with a soaking wet blanket, so instead soak a blanket and allow it to begin drying. Another tip is to peg a damp towel or blanket in front of your open window, so that the air passes through the dampness and cools the room down.  

7)      Ice Fans

Fans are life savers in the heat. But when temperatures are as hot as they are now, the fan won’t save you, instead they will merely circulate the hot and stuffy air you are craving relief from! However, a bowl of ice cubes is an absolute game changer in this scenario. By placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan, you create a mist of cold air which will then be shared with the rest of your room via your trusty fan.

8)      Drink plenty of ice cold water

By no means a life hack by any stretch of the imagination, but a necessity nonetheless. Ice cold water will keep your body temperature down and keep you hydrated and feeling as fresh as possible in this muggy weather.

9) Invest in a water spray/cooling mist

Water sprays and cooling mists have become very popular as a quick way to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and cool. Keep your spray in the fridge or in the shade for an added cooling effect. Try to purchase one that contains other ingredients such as aloe vera which will help sooth sun kissed skin.

10) Take a luke warm shower

Having a shower is the best quick relief solution for these hot summer days. It may be tempting to have a cold shower, but this results in trapping the heat inside as it stops blood flow to the skin, so make sure it is luke warm.

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